Beverly Blossom danced (as Beverly Schmidt) in dozens of pieces by the great Alwin Nikolais in the 1950s and 1960s. During that period, she began creating her own body of work as a choreographer, with Nikolais as a mentor, and she continued developing pieces for the stage through her final performance, in 2010 — fittingly, a solo tribute to "Nik.”  Along the way, she generated hundreds of her own works, including many solos for herself, a few solos for others, and a significant number of large and small group works. Her best known pieces are Black Traveler (1961), Brides (1980), Dad’s Ties (1981), and Besame Mucho (1987), all of which have continued to be performed since her death. The Beverly Blossom Foundation is dedicated to documenting and digitizing her career, sharing the best with the dance community and the public, and promoting and sustaining Beverly’s unique artistic contributions.

The following list of Beverly Blossom’s choreography is neither complete nor definitive at this stage, and information may be missing or incorrect.  The Foundation is just beginning to dig into her rich archive, and we would like to augment this research using interviews with the many people she worked with over the decades — a time-sensitive endeavor.  Please donate to help with this effort, as well as with the digitization of a career’s worth of film, video and photography.